Existing Customer FAQs

Q: How do I change my address?

A: If you’ve recently moved house – so that we can change your address on our system – all you need to do is send us the following:

  • A completed Change of Address form, with signed verification from each person – click here to view

Q: How do I change my name?

A: So that we can change your name on our system, simply send us the following:

  • Your original legal document confirming the change of name ie marriage certificate, decree absolute or deed poll document
  • A letter evidencing your old and new signature

Q: What do I need to do following a bereavement?

A: To read more in-depth information about our bereavement process, please read our dedicated page here. Alternatively, you can find out more information by reading our bereavement guide.

Q: How do I withdraw my investments?

A: Your investments are designed to be held for the medium to long term, and as a minimum for five years. Should you wish to receive withdrawal advice, we have financial advisers at our Head Office who, in most cases, can provide the advice you need over the telephone at no additional charge. Please contact your adviser in the first instance who can arrange a telephone appointment for you.

However, if you are confident making your own investment decisions, and do not require our advice you can contact our Premier Service Team on 0800 085 0459 to instruct us which investment you’d like to take the withdrawal from and they will send you the relevant forms in the post.

Alternatively, if your investments are held on the Aegon platform (previously Cofunds) or Fidelity platform, you can download the forms below. Please note you will also need to complete the Execution Only Form, which you can download here.

  • Click here to view the Aegon encashment form
  • Click here to view the Fidelity encashment form
  • If you’re not with Aegon or Fidelity (for example if you have a bond), you will need to contact our Premier Service Team 0n 0800 085 0459. For further information on our Premier Service Team, click here.

Once completed, please send the forms to our Principal Office, along with a bank statement dated within the last three months.

From the point we receive all of the completed forms it will take around 20 working days for the money to reach your account. If you choose to receive advice, the process may take slightly longer, and you should receive your money within around six weeks.

Please note, if you have opted to withdraw money from your stocks and shares ISA, you will lose that element of your ISA allowance upon withdrawal. Once it is withdrawn, you can only place this money into another ISA if you have unused ISA allowances in this tax year. It is possible to transfer from a stocks and shares ISA to a cash ISA and retain the ISA benefits.

As there may be tax consequences for encashing investments or making withdrawals, it’s important to seek advice if you’re in any doubt about where to take the money from.

Pension and investments scams are becoming increasingly common and we would urge you to be vigilant about the companies you deal with and any future investments you make. For tips on how to spot a scam and what to do if think you are, or have been targeted by scammers please visit our scam information.

Please click here for information about how we use your personal data.

It’s important to be aware that surrendering various types of investments could give rise to a potential tax charge. Therefore, you may wish to consider speaking to your adviser before submitting a form.

Q: How do I register a Power of Attorney?

A: To register a Power of Attorney with us in relation to an investment, please send us the following:

  • A completed Power of Attorney Consent form – click here
  • Identification – we require three pieces of evidence including; one name, one address and a further piece of ID for either your name or address.
  • The Original Power of Attorney OR Solicitors Certified Copy for the document

Q: How do I change my nominated bank account?

A: So that we can change your bank account details on our system, all you need to do is send us:

  • Your current bank statement (dated within the last three months)
  • A completed Change of Nominated Bank Details form, with signed verification from each person. Use links below; 
    • If your account is with Aegon click here to open the form.
    • For all other platforms – click here to open the form.

Q: When will I receive my MII mailings?

A: Below is a schedule of MII mailings we’ll send to you throughout the year:

     Annual Report – February 

     New ISA offering – April

     Quarterly Report Update – May, August, November

     MII ISA Transfer – May (only applies to investments)

Q: How do I register to view my holdings online?

A: By clicking on the below options, you’re able to view our useful guides on how to set up your online Aegon and Fidelity valuations service:

To view our Aegon guide, click here

To view our Fidelity guide, click here

Q: How do I reset my online password?

A: If you’ve forgotten your Aegon or Fidelity password, simply click here for Aegon and click here for Fidelity and fill in the details to request a new one.  

Q: How do I let you know of an income change?

A: To withdraw income from investments, it’s recommended that you speak to our Premier Service Team on 0800 085 0459, who will inform you of the process.

For more information on our Premier Service Team, click here.

Q: How do I contact my adviser?

A: By calling a member of our Premier Service Team, they can arrange for your adviser to call you at a time most convenient for you.

For more information on our Premier Service Team, click here.