What does this interest rate rise mean?

Bank of England - Base rate

After weeks of speculation and hints from the Bank of England, today the first rate hike in over a decade was confirmed.  

How can I tell if I’ve invested in a good fund?

Investing in a good fund

As so much can change over the time you invest, what was once a ‘good’ fund for you may no longer be the case – and it might not be working how it’s supposed to. Find out more here. 

Financial scams – beware!

We feel it’s vital that you’re fully clued up on this subject, in case you’re ever targeted by a fraudster. So we’ve provided useful information on what to look out for, what to do if you’re ever approached and various types of scams.

Our expert review of how recent market events are impacting investors

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Yet for all the uncertainty we’ve seen in the UK, investor sentiment remains high and global markets have continued to perform well.

The rise of financial scams

Financial Scams

With financial scams on the increase, we want to make sure you’re fully informed on the matter. Our downloadable guide provides all the information you need to protect yourself from fraudsters.

Market update – favourable outlook for businesses drives market growth

Skipton Financial Advisers | Market Update 2

This continues to be a positive period for stock markets. For all the political uncertainty taking place around the world, the majority of leading markets are performing well. Behind the headlines, the global economic picture looks encouraging.

The big political shake-up: part two

Brexit eges closer | Skipton Financial Advisers

Last year, the debate around the UK leaving the EU was centred upon the ifs and whys – now the focus is firmly on the when and how.