Know Your Limits - Are you affected by the pension Lifetime Allowance reduction?

Know Your Limits

Although you can save as much money as you like towards a pension, there’s a limit on how much you can accrue before a tax charge of up to 55% could apply. This limit is known as the Lifetime Allowance.

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Key changes to the pension regulations

Key changes to pension regulations

Saving for the future is imperative, which is why the government introduced radical changes to pensions in April 2015: to encourage people to plan more for retirement and take greater control of their financial future.

How does pension tax relief work?

How does pension tax relief work

You may have heard people talk about what a big deal it is, but how does pension tax relief work? Is it really as good as some suggest? And how can you make the absolute most of it?

What is drawdown? Five things you need to know

What is drawdown

The 2015 pension freedoms have resulted in the rules around using your pension being completely rewritten. And this means that drawdown – once an option only accessible to certain people – is now available to every defined contribution pension holder. But what is drawdown? Here are five things you need to know. 

What is a pension? Five things you need to know

What is a pension?

Many of us pay into at least one, but very few of us would choose “what is a pension?” to be our specialist topic on Mastermind. Here are five things you need to know about pensions.

What happens if I die before retirement?

There is a cruelty to the fact some people who save into a pension won’t live long enough to enjoy it – but the good news is that loved ones can still benefit from this pot of money.