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Friday, September 7, 2018 - 12:53

Skipton Insight Webcast: How we choose suitable funds for our customers

How and where you invest your money can potentially have a huge impact on your returns. Yet, with thousands of investment funds on the market – each with their own objectives and strategies – finding suitable options for your specific needs can be difficult to do alone.

In our latest webcast, Olivia Charlesworth is joined by two of our Technical Research Managers, Daniel Howard and Scott Ashworth.

Daniel Howard - Technical Research Manager Scott Ashworth - Technical Research Manager Olivia Charlesworth - Senior Customer Engagement & Comms Manager

Along with our Technical Research Team, Daniel and Scott research the complex market to source products for our Preferred Panel of Funds – which our financial advisers use when providing tailored recommendations.

In just over seven minutes, Daniel and Scott talk through the process they follow when researching the market; outlining the strict criteria they look at when assessing suitable products for our customers.

In addition, they explore some of the key principles you need to consider when investing, and discuss the investment approach which Skipton typically use.

Please note the opinions and analysis provided are for information only and do not constitute financial advice.

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