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What does this interest rate rise mean?

Bank of England - Base rate

After weeks of speculation and hints from the Bank of England, today the first rate hike in over a decade was confirmed.  

Will I have to pay inheritance tax?

Paying inheritance tax

Firstly, if you have an inheritance tax liability, it won’t be you who has to pay it. It will be the executor of your estate – which is typically your loved ones.

Market Review - September 2017

Market update

This continues to be a quiet, steady period for stock markets. Although September saw the UK FTSE 100 dip to its lowest level since May, find out more here.

How can I tell if I’ve invested in a good fund?

Investing in a good fund

As so much can change over the time you invest, what was once a ‘good’ fund for you may no longer be the case – and it might not be working how it’s supposed to. Find out more here. 

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Financial scams – beware!

We feel it’s vital that you’re fully clued up on this subject, in case you’re ever targeted by a fraudster. So we’ve provided useful information on what to look out for, what to do if you’re ever approached and various types of scams.

Ways to reduce your inheritance tax liability

Worried about your loved ones paying inheritance tax upon your death? If so, the good news is there are many ways you could reduce your inheritance tax liability. And the sooner you put your plans in place, the more effective they may be.