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Know Your Limits - Are you affected by the pension Lifetime Allowance reduction?

Know Your Limits

Although you can save as much money as you like towards a pension, there’s a limit on how much you can accrue before a tax charge of up to 55% could apply. This limit is known as the Lifetime Allowance.

How might your loved ones be affected by inheritance tax?

How your loved ones could be affected by inheritance tax?

If, upon your death, your estate is liable for inheritance tax, sadly your loved ones will be unable to inherit what you’ve left behind until they’ve settled the outstanding IHT bill.

What is Inheritance Tax?

What is inheritance tax?

Inheritance tax applies if the value of your estate exceeds the existing nil rate band upon your death – and everything above this will be charged at up to 40% to your loved ones.

What does the base rate reduction mean for long-term savers?

Base rate drop image

On Thursday 4 August 2016, the Bank of England reduced base rate to a new historic low of 0.25% - as a result of the Brexit slowdown - which could see banks and building societies reducing their interest rates even further.

Brexit: do you need help monitoring your investments?


The June 24 Referendum result has huge consequences for the future of the United Kingdom, triggering many questions that for the moment are unanswerable.

Your money matters made easy – download our free magazine

Moneyetc March 2016

The new edition of our magazine – moneyetc ­– is now available to download free of charge. The magazine is packed full of the latest investment news, plus other personal finance matters that might be of interest to you.

Market Update – Britain decides to leave the EU


The British public has voted, and the UK will be leaving the European Union (EU).