Planning your retirement

Planning your retirement

A fulfilling retirement needs a solid plan – as financial mistakes cannot be easily undone. If you are approaching retirement within the next decade or so, it’s so important that you make time to consider this upcoming chapter in your life – so that nothing is overlooked. Even if retirement is further away for you, focusing on it now could make a huge difference to your future standard of living. 

Planning your retirement need to knows

  • Thanks to ongoing improvements in general living standards, people are living longer.
  • That means your retirement could last a couple of decades or more, and you need to have the finances in place to make sure you don’t run out of money or endure a severe income drop.
  • We can review your current savings and investments, including your defined contribution pensions.
  • After taking the time to understand your retirement goals, we will offer recommendations only if they are suitable for you.
Mr Brown

Mr Brown's story

"I genuinely feel like my adviser has made a difference to our lives"

Mr Brown was not a big advocate of financial advisers. He had endured “poor experiences” in the past; but decided to give Skipton Building Society a try after staff at his local branch recommended the services of their in-branch adviser, Kriss. 

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