Mrs Smethurst

Mrs Smethurst's story

“In 2005 my husband died very suddenly. It wasn’t expected. A few weeks later I received a phone call from Simon, who didn’t know my husband had passed away. When I informed him he said ‘I am very sorry’ and that if he could do anything for me, he would."

“My husband spoke highly of Simon. So a few months later, after the affairs were sorted, I went to see him. Simon was very helpful and very kind. I found him very straightforward, very meticulous and very efficient – but human. We went through everything. He was very, very helpful and reassuring.”

Following this review and after later deciding to act upon the advice, Mrs Smethurst opted to receive our ongoing service – Monitored Informed Investing (MII). This involves paying an ongoing fee, and in return your investments benefit from a series of collectively unique promises.

For example, we monitor the investment funds held by Mrs Smethurst and thousands of other MII customers, on their behalf, and provide regular performance updates, via personalised MII Quarterly and Annual Reports.

Mrs Smethurst added, “I find MII extremely good. You feel included, and it allows you to be more aware of what is happening. The reports let you know how things are proceeding; it keeps you in the picture. I feel more confident about the future as a result.” 

In addition to the regular reports she receives from us, as an MII customer, Mrs Smethurst really values the continual support of her adviser Simon – who is always available to help her. “He is very professional,” she explained. “Whenever I ring if I need him, he will always try to fit me in. He updates me on anything he needs to, and makes sure I am well aware of the benefits and pitfalls of investing.

“I always feel he is interested in doing his very best for me.”


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