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Inheritance Tax Planning


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The first step to see if your estate will be affected by Inheritance Tax (IHT) is to calculate how much it is actually worth - you might be quite surprised! Don't forget, that this is not a static figure and your property and investments could increase in value, which, in turn, could increase your IHT liability. Also, it is based on current IHT rules which could change in the future. We will show you some examples of this, once you have calculated your estate.

Your Assets


This is your current estimated liability, however your circumstances may change in the future.

IHT liability of 40%:
Calculate potential future liability

Calculate future liability

Now that you have calculated the value of your estate and your current Inheritance Tax bill, it’s important to think about your potential future liability. Complete the details below, to find out how the main residence nil rate band, which will be introduced in April 2017 may impact your liability.

Your future liability

Tax Year Main residence value Main residence nil rate band Remaining estate Nil rate band IHT liability

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