Inheritance Tax

Ways to reduce your inheritance tax liability

Worried about your loved ones paying inheritance tax upon your death? If so, the good news is there are many ways you could reduce your inheritance tax liability. And the sooner you put your plans in place, the more effective they may be.

What happens to my money should the worst happen?

It's very important to many of us that our loved ones are financially supported after we are gone. It’s not that we want to contemplate our own death, but thinking now about what we can do to ease the burden on our family, and reduce the headaches of unravelling our finances, can offer important peace of mind.

Demand for financial advice on inheritance tax expected to rise

Demand for advice on estate planning expected to rise. Find out how we can help you with your inheritance tax planning.

What are the new inheritance tax rules?

Hold on tight

In April 2017, new inheritance tax rules were introduced and it’s really important that you understand them.

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How might your loved ones be affected by inheritance tax?

How your loved ones could be affected by inheritance tax?

If, upon your death, your estate is liable for inheritance tax, sadly your loved ones will be unable to inherit what you’ve left behind until they’ve settled the outstanding IHT bill.

What is Inheritance Tax?

What is inheritance tax?

Inheritance tax applies if the value of your estate exceeds the existing nil rate band upon your death – and everything above this will be charged at up to 40% to your loved ones.