Mr & Mrs Atkins

Mr & Mrs Atkins' story

Mr Atkins stated, “Our first review with David was excellent. The first thing he did was check what level of risk we wanted to take, and then he made various suggestions accordingly. He takes into account our feelings and then goes through all the options, explaining everything carefully.

“It’s so important to have a financial adviser you can trust. Our relationship with David is very good. Over the years it has become more personal almost. He has an interest in us and our family, and there is a human side of it. He does not come in and talk finance only, it is a pleasant meeting we have, but focused.”

Like many of our customers who invest with us, Mr and Mrs Atkins needed to make a decision on the type of service they wish to receive going forwards. They elected to receive our Monitored Informed Investing (MII) ongoing service.

Mr Atkins commented, “We receive MII Quarterly and Annual Reports, which keep us abreast of what is happening and where we are at.” With the last few years featuring plenty of stock market ups and downs, Mr Atkins feels that the MII service has helped them through this period. “I tend to take the line that investments will go up and down no matter who you are with, as the markets will go up and down.

“Personal relationships are important. We have recommended David to others without any hesitation – we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”


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