Mr Arnold

Mr Arnold's story

Mr Arnold explained: “I was looking for financial advice for help with a couple of things: minimising my estate’s inheritance tax liability and making more from my investments, so I decided to call Skipton.

“For years I’ve held money within a range of ISAs, with-profit bonds and stocks and shares accounts. But the portfolio was a bit of a mess and I became tired of managing it myself, so I was looking for someone to monitor it for me. Although I know a lot about investing, I’m not good at making changes when needed.”

Mr Arnold maintains a strong relationship with his local Skipton financial adviser Chris, and continues to rely on his services. “If I have any worries with my investments, I feel confident speaking to Chris about them. I’m actually in discussions with him at the moment for advice on what to do with other monies I have.”

In addition to Chris’ ongoing support, Mr Arnold values the ongoing service he receives through our Monitored Informed Investing (MII) proposition. This means paying an ongoing fee for a range of additional benefits – which includes monitoring your investments on an ongoing basis and providing you with regular updates – so you’re always kept in the loop.

Amongst MII’s services, Mr Arnold mainly values the personalised quarterly reports which keep him posted with how his investments are doing. He added “I find them well put together, very understandable and useful to have in one document.

“I’m very happy with the well-managed, ongoing service I receive – and as I have Skipton monitoring my investments, I no longer feel the need to worry about them anymore.”

On our service as a whole, Mr Arnold concluded: “I really value both Skipton and Chris’ advice, and will always make Skipton my first port of call when looking for financial advice.”


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